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Welcome to Maine Roots!


Thank you for stopping by Maine Roots!  I hope you enjoy your time here.  It may surprise you to learn that I found this first post the most challenging of all to write, but it’s true.  There is so much about Maine that I love, and I found myself struggling with what to share and how to share it, and so I’ve decided to keep it brief and get on to the good stuff.

My roots are firmly planted in the great state of Maine.  Although I live in North Carolina now (for now?), I’m a Mainer at heart.  Born and raised in southern Maine, not far outside Portland, I firmly believe this place has a spirit that stays with a person, and I know the values I learned growing up there continue to define me.  As a result, I feel compelled to share stories about the places and people who have had such an impact on my life.

On this blog, you’ll find posts on topics focused not only on tourism (because of course, Maine has some incredible places to visit, stay, and dine), but also on interesting local businesses, current events, and more.  If you are a native Mainer, I hope these posts bring a smile to your face – if you have never visited Maine, I hope they make you want to – and if you simply love Maine, and wish you could be there more often, then I hope they remind you what makes it so special and build excitement for your next trip.  Perhaps you’ll even learn about new places to see and things to do!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Maine Roots!

  1. I love your introduction and the promise of more to come. May I send it along to others I know? I will be sure to send ideas for future blogs and will be cheering from southern Maine!

  2. Thanks Mom – I hope you will send it along to others, and I’d love your ideas for future posts!

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