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On the Christmas Tree Hunt: Part 2


Thanks for joining me for Part 2 of this post!  To see Part 1, click here.  As you likely know, Maine is the Pine Tree State.  So, in what better state could you find the perfect Christmas tree?

Balsam firs at Tiffany Farm in Medford, ME (about an hour outside Bangor)

Balsam firs at Tiffany Farm in Medford, ME (about an hour outside Bangor)

Historically, people did what I remember so fondly as a child – selecting a tree from the forest.  Today, however, 98% of Christmas trees are plantation-grown, which means most of us are either buying them pre-cut from a tree stand, where the trees have been delivered after being cut down, or we’re going to the plantations and selecting a tree on-site.  I found it interesting to learn that Christmas tree plantations are a benefit to the environment in many ways – for example, just one acre of these trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people daily (per the Maine Christmas Tree Association).  Very cool!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Balsam fir is the tree found most commonly on Maine’s Christmas tree plantations because it is the state’s native fir tree.  Many of the following tree plantations feature primarily Balsams, but I’ve made an effort to find and include those with other tree species as well.

If you live in the Bangor area, Tiffany Farm may be a good option for your tree.  They grow the Balsam firs shown above.  Their farm is located at 89 Fire Tower Road, Medford, ME 04463, and fresh-cut trees are available at 490 North Road, Medford, ME.  Give them a call at 207-732-6127.

Evergreen Acres Tree Farm in North Monmouth, Maine (not far from Augusta) offers both Balsam firs and Douglas firs. They boast a family-friendly atmosphere including free hot cocoa, popcorn, and candy.  All trees are $25, all wreathes $20.  They can be found at 208 Back Street, North Monmouth, ME 04265.  Reach them by phone at 207-212-0056.  They’re open from 9am – 4pm Friday – Sunday.

In York, Maine, you can find Cider Hill Creek Farms, where they have a variety of tree species including the Fraser fir, Balsam fir, and Bue spruce – three of the most popular Christmas tree varieties.  They offer free hot chocolate and visitors may also get a peek at their 6-year-old American Quarter Horse, Clarise.  Their address is 6 Cider Hill Creek Lane, York, ME 03909, and their phone number is 207-475-5068.

Balsam Ridge, in Raymond, Maine, also offers a variety of trees – the Balsam fir, Fraser fir, and Blue spruce.  In addition to offering pre-cut Balsams, they also have “choose & cut” for selecting your fresh tree – and they don’t stop there.  Balsam Ridge has their own sugarhouse and gift shop, where they offer a variety of maple sugar products, including maple butter, maple cream, candy, and of course, their own maple syrup.  Like Cider Hill, they have a horse on-site for the kiddies to get in a quick petting session.  They’re located at 140 Egypt Road, Raymond, ME 04071, and can be reached by phone at 207-655-4474.

Balsam Ridge Maple Sugar Products

Balsam Ridge Maple Sugar Products

There are, of course, many more Christmas tree plantations in Maine.  To see more, check out this page from the Maine Christmas Tree Association to view a listing of 60 tree farms.  On that note, the Maine Christmas Tree Association provides excellent information on tree plantations and caring for your Christmas tree.  They helped me a lot as I was researching for this post.  If you need more info than the above, I recommend checking it out!

5 thoughts on “On the Christmas Tree Hunt: Part 2

  1. Love your post Lize! Totally feeling the holiday spirit…though I don’t have my tree yet… do you?!

  2. Just great! Maybe next weekend we’ll head to Balsam Ridge for our tree…I’m thinking the maple “products” are a must!

  3. This is great Eliza. Maybe we will get inspiration for this weekend also to get our tree. Hope you are well. Thanks Betsy for sharing!

    • Hi Cindi – thank you so much for checking it out and the positive feedback! If you do go out this weekend, I hope you find the perfect tree. I hope you are all well, too. It’s hard to believe how time flies.

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