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Siano’s for Breakfast!

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It’s been a snowy Sunday here in Maine – and so wonderful to be home!  Although my flight to Charlotte is right around the corner (I’m typing this at my gate), I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time here.

Snowy view from my parents' kitchen window

Snowy view from my parents’ kitchen window

This morning, my mom, sister, cousin Stephanie, and I continued our tradition of getting together for a girls’ breakfast when I’m in town. We’ve tried a number of the local breakfast places, and they can each claim a unique charm and personality. This was my first ever visit to Siano’s, a neighborhood pizza joint that also offers breakfast, but I had high expectations, having gone to high school just down the road at Catherine McAuley, where Siano’s pizza had reigned supreme as the Friday hot lunch option.  I knew from this personal experience that their pizza was delicious, but I was relying on my mom’s recommendation that their breakfast would be well worth trying.

Sadly, I have no photos to share of my breakfast, as I was starving when it arrived and it was excellent.  My omelette, which consisted of cheese, spinach, tomato, onion, and mushroom, was more than half gone when I remembered my intentions.  While the food was very good, perhaps my favorite thing about our breakfast experience was the relaxed atmosphere at Siano’s.  Our waitress was friendly and attentive, but didn’t rush us as we lingered over our meals and chatted (an unpleasant experience I’ve had at other breakfast places).

There was also something charming about observing the cooks prepare massive quantities of pizza dough for the lunch and dinner rushes; watching the fires roar in the brick ovens; and experiencing the flow of conversation at tables around us – all of which was indicative of the family-friendly, neighborhood restaurant that Siano’s is.  Several patrons greeted each other by name, and everyone wore a smile as the stomped in out of the windy, snowy cold and into the welcoming space.

Now, I’ve got to catch my flight back to NC – but don’t forget to stop by Siano’s in the future – for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Siano’s Pizzeria
476 Stevens Ave
Portland, ME 04103
(207) 771-7878

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