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Maine, The Way Summer Should Be

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This post from Back Road Journal says it all – Maine, The Way Summer Should Be

Back Road Journal

Maine, The Way Summer Should Be. For a memorable weekend or even an entire summer of old fashioned fun, there is no better place to be than Maine in the summer.  A leisurely walk along the rugged, picturesque coastline can lead out to a point where you might discover a lighthouse, a hidden cove or a spectacular view. Let me show you how I spend my summers and perhaps you will want to plan a trip to see Maine for yourself.

Click on any photo to see the slide show.

To see Maine from the air, you can be adventurous and take a ride in an open air biplane, I can attest that it is a real thrill.  Perhaps you would prefer a seaplane, taking off and landing in one of the many lakes in Maine. Which ever is your choice, the view is terrific.

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One thought on “Maine, The Way Summer Should Be

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