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In the weeks since my last post, this Maine girl has been on the road!  I’m sorry for the ‘blog neglect’ and hope to get back on track starting now.

To fill you in on where I’ve been, Nick and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on October 2nd.  Hooray!  We actually took a vacation – pretty rare for us – and spent a wonderful week visiting the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and surrounding mountains in Virginia, and we even made a brief trek up to State College, Pennsylvania.

Pretty shot of the mountains... snagged during my morning run!

Pretty shot of the mountains… snagged during my morning run!

We stayed at the Massanutten Resort in McGayhesville, Virginia and spent our days golfing and visiting wineries.  Massanutten has two golf courses, Woodstone Meadows and Mountain Greens – the latter is significantly more challenging, but I enjoyed playing it much more.  It is further into the resort and feels more remote – you’re surrounded by nature and mountain scenery, including the occasional, stunning vista.  The Woodstone Meadows course is a good beginner choice, as the fairways are flat and pretty straightforward.

We did venture into Harrisonburg for our anniversary dinner, which we spent at the Joshua Wilton House.  I love old, historic homes, and this inn and restaurant popped up immediately when I googled (who knew that would one day become an accepted verb in our vocabulary?) fine dining in Harrisonburg, VA.  Our experience was exceptional from beginning to end.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Happy Anniversary to us!

The atmosphere reminded me very much of Calhoun Corners, a nice restaurant in Clemson, SC (Go Tigers!).  They have maintained the feel of a home in the dining area(s) by setting tables up throughout the various rooms downstairs, which makes the dining experience feel unique and intimate.  Lovely furnishings and beautiful artwork came together with delicious food and excellent service to deliver a very special anniversary for us.

Did I mention the outstanding Creme Brulee?

Did I mention the outstanding Creme Brulee?

While on our trip, we did complete my Fat Friar’s Mead tasting!  Stay tuned for the review to come… and the return to ‘Maine’ topics!

2 thoughts on “Maine Girl Travels!

  1. Happy Anniversary Liza! Love to you both

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