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Maine Delicious: The Holy Donut


With the Old Port Festival in full swing this weekend, visitors to Portland, Maine are presented with the perfect opportunity to patronize The Holy Donut at its Old Port location, 7 Exchange Street.  And I can assure you, you won’t leave disappointed (or hungry).  That is, if you can get there before the donuts run out (they are wildly popular).

Side note: I’ve had an ongoing, internal debate throughout the writing of this post about whether I should write “donut” or “doughnut.” As the holder of a degree in English, the stress of not using the dictionary-approved spelling of “doughnut” is no small matter – but, I’ve decided to go with “donut.”  For all of the obvious reasons – such as matching the business name.

My first Holy Donut experience was last November, while Christmas shopping in the Old Port with my husband, my mom, and my sister.  There is so much to love about this business (I learned most of what I’m about to share with you from their website, and I highly recommend checking out their videos), and I most admire the fact that it’s family-owned, they exhibit a clear dedication to giving back (please see their ‘Recipe’ page for notes about giving to local fundraisers and promoting bicycling), and they are almost religiously (pun intended) committed to sourcing quality ingredients.

What makes The Holy Donut’s offering unique is the inclusion of potato in their donut recipes (including some sweet potato flavors), which adds a lightness to the end product – these donuts quite literally melt in your mouth.  The use of this ingredient honors the (predominantly) northern Maine tradition of including potato in donut dough (or should I say “do”?  Oh jeez), and it also supports the Maine agriculture industry, of which potatoes are the largest crop.  And we all know how much I love potatoes… and how much I like to promote local business supporting other local business.

Perhaps most importantly, though, from a consumer-perspective, these donuts are delicious.  I had the pomegranate-glazed flavor, and it was nothing short of spectacular.  It is probably for the best that I live in Georgia – far from either of the two Holy Donut locations.

But if you’re reading this, and you live in southern Maine, what the heck are you waiting for?  Make your Sunday even more enjoyable.  Go get a donut you can feel good about.

4 thoughts on “Maine Delicious: The Holy Donut

  1. Hey Eliza
    Just got back from walking around the Old port fest with mom didn’t go to holy donut this time but it was fun did same shopping and had lunch. Now I just read your post after getting back from the old port fest my self huh.

  2. ugghhhh Liza! Now I will be unable to think of anything except how badly I want a donut! nomnomnom take me to the Holy Donut!

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