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Into 2015…

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It is hard to believe we’re forging into 2015 (already?). 2014 seems to have passed in a blur (in my mind, I envision 2014 as the Roadrunner cartoon), which is not particularly surprising when I reflect on how much changed for us throughout the last year.

There have been highs and lows and a lot of personal growth. We left Charlotte, North Carolina and the community, the special friends, we had come to have there. We arrived in Macon, Georgia and were quickly welcomed and made to feel a part of a new circle of friends. We went through all of the practical and emotional changes that go hand-in-hand with a big move while also moving into the next phase of our professional lives.

With 2014 feeling like such a flash in time, my hope for 2015 is to fully live in and appreciate every moment – perhaps then, even if it passes just as rapidly, I can experience it with fewer frantic moments.

As we all move into 2015, I wish everyone a year with more highs than lows, with quality time spent with family and friends, and resolutions you’re able to keep. Mine is to focus on the real priority in my life – the people I care for – and stay in closer touch with each and every one of them. We’ll see how I do!

Happy New Year, all!

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