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From Down East Magazine: Uncle Henry’s Takes Over the World

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If you’re from Maine, you can imagine my excitement when a Down East Magazine email entered my inbox with the leading story, “Uncle Henry’s Takes Over the World.”  I have been waiting for this day since I was a child poring over the pages, fascinated by the heart-racing possibility of finding exactly what I wanted in the next ad – and giggling over the sometimes outrageous descriptions.

Okay, I admit, to suggest I have been “waiting for this day” as if with bated breath is a bit strong, but the simple truth is, if you have Maine roots, you likely also have a deep affection for Uncle Henry’s weekly publication of down-home classifieds.  This article by Down East sums up what is so special about it, and why even in today’s internet age, Uncle Henry’s has continued to thrive.

For me, Uncle Henry’s is all about possibilities.  As a little girl, it was the possibility of finding my first horse (and I searched tirelessly).  As an adult, I see it as the possibilities of community, and human connection, and giving a new life to things that still have a lot to give in return.

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