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Mother’s Day in Maine

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Mother’s Day is this weekend – Sunday, May 10th – for those of you who may have missed that despite the many headlines and advertisements for flowers, candies, and other goodies.

I’m fortunate to have a mother who was a parent as I was growing up, and is a friend as well as my mom now that I’m “grown up” (which is sometimes debatable).  I needed her to be a parent and not a friend during those challenging years when I, like most tweens and teens, believed fitting in was the highest priority in my life.  Thanks Mom!

Here are just a few ideas for a fun Mother’s Day spent in Maine:

Dining Out: there’s a plethora of fabulous dining in Portland, whether you’re looking for upscale, a gastropub, or fast casual, so I’m not boring you with a list of restaurants – but just this tip: make a reservation!  Don’t risk Mom getting “hangry” on her special day.  If you do need a guide, here you go:

Treat Mom to a great cup o’ Joe: with Coffee by Design’s Coffee with Mom Gift Box you can treat Mom to her caffeine fix AND support a good cause: One dollar ($1) from each pound of coffee sold benefits Women, Work & Community (WWC), a statewide training organization helping Maine women and men succeed in their workplace, business, and community.

Take Mom for a run?:  Think this one through.  If your mom is a runner / fitness fanatic, she might enjoy getting her jog on before brunch.  The Portland Sea Dogs are hosting a Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) 5K with funds being split between the Cancer Community Center and the Maine Cancer Foundation.

Activity Day: Right now, Sunday’s weather is anticipated to be between 55 – 70 degrees and mostly sunny.  Sounds beautiful, so why not make a day of it?  Start with breakfast in bed, progress to a sunny park for a picnic lunch, and conclude with a bit of indulgent shopping / strolling / sipping in the great Old Port.

You can also check out this Bangor Daily News article for 11 Mother’s Day gift ideas from Maine (I like the bag, myself!):

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day or a future special date (birthday, anniversary, etc.), consider giving Mom the gift of safe and effective beauty with Beautycounter, a company whose mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone:

Happy Mother’s Day, all you special moms out there!

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