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In Remembrance: Martha Harris

Martha Harris, a well-loved, lifelong resident of Gorham, Maine, passed away on Tuesday due to complications from breast cancer.  I knew her best for her photography, which was, by all accounts, her passion.  Mine was one of the thousands of high school senior pictures she took, and my memories of her reflect the warm, caring person she was.

When my mother told me of her passing, I felt it was important to take a moment here and recognize her life and how much she meant to, and did for, the people of Gorham.  Although it’s unlikely that many of you, my readers, knew her, you’ve probably known someone like her in the communities you grew up in or live in today.

The American Journal wrote a very touching piece about Martha, which you can read here.  Reading it reminded me of her impact on our community – Martha was an ever-present fixture at Gorham High sporting events, a founding member of the Gorham Times, a board member of the Gorham High School Sports Hall of Fame and the Gorham High Alumni Association, and a volunteer at Baxter Memorial Library.  She made a dedicated effort to honor the history of Gorham, to capture the special spirit of its people, and to document the goings-on of this small town.  Through that effort, she touched the lives of all who reside there.

While much of what I know of her I learned from others, I will never forget how her comforting, open manner put me at ease while she took my senior picture.  She was a very special woman who will be missed, and remembered.

The Portland Press Herald highlighted her life in their feature obituary.